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List Research Solutions(LRS) is focused on helping its clients win in the marketplace by putting in place the right marketing, lead generation and demand generation strategy, aggressive execution of the strategy, and helping the sales team win with insights, research, analysis and process automation through marketing automation and CRM systems.

List Research Solutions(LRS) is leading Database service provider company We Provides the list research service to all over the world. LRS is a fast growing and dynamically positioned corporate in the global KPO/IT/ITES/FMCG and all market delivering world class solutions to global corporations worldwide.

List Research Solutions specializes in Custom lists services based on your target criteria. No matter how niche the target is, we can build custom lists within a very short time. Our strength is to build lists to match your desired market specifications.

About us

List Research Solutions was established in the year 2010 as a privately held company. LRS is knowledge process outsourcing organization focused on delivering smart, next generation business solutions.

LRS is a leading provider of customized list research, business research, intellectual property research, database research and valuation services to global clients. With a unique blend of deep market knowledge, strong research capabilities and an ability to provide actionable insights that facilitate decision making, we provide cost effective yet world class research support.

We have been energizing sales and marketing activity of businesses across the world and have assisted our clients to achieve remarkable revenue growth.
We offer our demand generation services through a performance based model at very cost effective pricing with which you will be sure to achieve high ROI!

LRS leadership team with extensive experience in research, strategy consulting and organization building, research expertise and a robust information technology infrastructure blend together to create efficient processes that address clients' business questions and add significant long lasting value to their businesses.

Our Services


Identifying the right contacts in your market niche has typically been both costly and time taking process. Most of the marketing efforts fail due to wrong or incorrect data. While there are many sources for marketing data available, most prove to be low quality, overused, or outdated. Purchasing tons of unverified contacts from B2B data vendors, renting contact lists from data brokers, or exchanging contacts from business directories are generally ineffective resulting in your resources following up on poor data.
Another alternative is to develop a small, custom contact list from scratch by engaging a specialized agency with a high hourly rate. But this method involves a lot of time and is very expensive resulting in a high cost per contact and a low returns on the investment. LRS’ customized B2B list creation service enables you to develop a world class, customized B2B list that’s both large enough to drive your sales and marketing campaigns and highly cost effective.


As a sales and marketing professionals, you now have the ability to get unique and highly accurate B2B email & phone lists that can boost the success rate of your marketing campaigns with guaranteed 90%+ accuracy. We generate custom B2B list according to different criteria that may include specific job titlesfunctions, industry, SIC codes, statistics and company size in terms of its revenue, sales, team size and geography location. In simple words, you just tell us what you want and we will get that list across to you.

LRS is a world class B2B list vendor in USA with a global reach as we are not limited to a particular geography. If you are looking for B2B lists in North America or any other continent with guaranteed accuracy, we are simply the best! LRS’ custom B2B lists has several key advantages over both list brokers and ready made data providers:

Fresh and Real Time Information
We use an experienced research team, and web crawling techniques to identify the contacts that meet your exact criteria. The data is not compiled and resold to you. Each of our customized B2B list is generated exclusively On Demand, ensuring the data is current, fresh and accurate.

No Rentals
Unlike rented lists, a LRS contact list is delivered to you for your unlimited use. We understand the complexity of a sales cycle and the steps involved in it and hence do not charge you multiple times for the same list. LRS will transfer the ownership rights to you along with the list and that’s very well explained on the agreement.

Flexible Cost
LRS charges you on per contact basis so you pay fairly reasonable rate for your customized B2B list. In addition, your custom b2b list comes with LRS’ 90% guarantee that all contact information will be accurate, fresh and uptodate. We are able to provide this unmatched guarantee because our process includes several steps of quality assurance, such as phone and email verification and a final review by our quality team. With LRS you can be sure that you reach out to the right contacts every time cost effectively!


We begin by assigning you a dedicated account manager who works with you during the entire project to ensure your exact requirements are met. LRS’ custom B2B list service enables you to set your exact “target audience” using select criteria such as geography, industry verticals, SIC codes, or company size. You also have the option of providing your own list of named accounts for us to research. You then define the “target contact” within each account by job title description, role, or area of responsibility and our team will drill down all those contacts for you. LRS delivers a high quality, cost effective contact database that meets your exact requirements backed by our accuracy guarantee.


LRS ensures that every marketing dollar you spend is targeted at the right person by offering a 100% verified contact that not only the contact information is accurate, but their role and title meets your requirements. However due to the dynamic nature of corporate world we only guarantee 90% accuracy. Within 15 days of delivery of your custom B2B list, LRS will replace any contact that the client finds incorrect, no questions asked!

Sales Intelligence :

LRS Strategic Account Profiling & Sales Intelligence services give the organizations an insight to gain an in depth understanding on how a potential customer operates, how they are structured, who are the key decision makers, their decision making process, who they currently purchase from as well as their future plans.

Additionally, LRS Account profiling offers a comprehensive ‘Infrastructure Mapping’ to help technology vendors understand the current IT infrastructure of their potential customers.

Equipped with the LRS profiled Accounts, IT vendors get a holistic overview of their prospects. This, in turn, helps them in offering customized solutions to the prospects rather than being positioned as a generic product or service providers.

Depending on the depth of the information your team requires, our team can spend anywhere between 2 to 20 hours per account profile. The profiles can be customized to suit your specific requirements. Our Strategic Account Profiling can range across the following areas:

  • 1. Company Overview
  • 2. Financial Overview
  • 3. Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 4. Organization Structure, IT Organization Structure with Decision Making Process
  • 5. Growth Plan
  • 6. Company Turnover
  • 7. Technology Strategy
  • 8. Infrastructure Mapping
  • 9. Vendor Competition Mapping

Market Research

Market Research gives company an option to harness the benefits of business intelligence and research that is crucial for business growth and success. At LRS Research, we take utmost care of our business clients and deliver them the best of market research with innovative techniques and methodologies. Market Research serves as function of linking prospective customers to the marketer with the help of defined information.

Our market research services can give you an edge by identifying and defining marketing opportunities, threats and general idea about your business and its market. It is a very important tool in evaluating marketing actions and also for monitoring the marketing performance. As a whole, the market research from LRS helps you to improve your understanding of the entire marketing process simultaneously.

LRS has been providing companies with market research that has resulted in their successive growth. A systematic approach that is essential to carry out the market research lies with our market research experts who are trained in analyzing the given market situation, building customized model and then find the facts that are purposeful for making informed decisions. This is done with the help of both qualitative as well as quantitative research.

LRS carries out a well planned and systematic procedure of market research which is again planned at every stage. We use innovative and scientific methods to obtain objective as well as subjective know how of the market. The size of the company does not matter for us as we are efficient in rendering customized solutions to small as well as large sized business with promised positive outcomes.

The market research comprises of many varied principles useful in generating information that is useful for managers. These principles are relative to timelines and data that are significant for analyzing and defining the business objectives with care and precision.

The highly experienced professionals working with us keep themselves updates with the current trends followed in market research and principles. This is why LRS is able and efficient to get the best information and data at your disposal. Market Research is done for discovering what people want, need or demand. You can also predict how customers will react to your new product or strategy. Thus once research is finalized you can devise the best methods to market your products or services.

LRS can be your helping hand in conducting researches for Customer analysis, Choice modeling, Competitor analysis, Risk analysis, Product research, Advertising the research, Marketing mix modeling, Simulated Test Marketing and a lot more.

Database Marketing:

Lead tracking and management solutions will increase sales and revenues, reduce costs per sale, eliminate a challenging management process, produce results in the timely fashion you need them, finish and exit quickly, and always be ready to take on your next project.Our clients utilize our services because they prefer to leverage the time of their sales team and do not want to take on the difficult task to attract, hire, house, equip, manage, and motivate a lead generation or lead qualification team.

The key reason our clients seek our help is that their sales representatives and sales management are trained and compensated to focus on closing business. As important as it is to the sales process, most reps do not, and usually will not, consistently make the effort to develop new prospects and sales opportunities effectively. We help our clients spend more time meeting with qualified prospects rather than looking for them, or having to qualify them.

Our team can deliver sales leads for you and do it less expensively than you can do it yourself. Consider the benefits of an outsourced lead generation or lead qualification solution:

  •   Increased sales and profits.
  •   Reduced costs per lead.
  •   Revenue and Currency forecasting
  •   Lead Generation new, high quality appointments with qualified decision makers.
  •   Franchisor Lead Qualification Expand ability to respond to franchise inquiry leads.
  •   Leverage the time of your sales team.
  •   Scalability to expand or retract the size of your lead generation or lead qualification team.
  •   Seamless representation of your company, products, and services.

Customers can target their leads for B2B direct marketing, email marketing and telemarketing by selecting a variety of criteria including:

  •   Company Selections( Private/Public Companies)
  •   Revenue
  •   No. of Employee
  •   Industry Verticals
  •   Established Lists (e.g. Fortune 500, Global 2000, NYSE, Russell 2000) Named Accounts Give us your list of companies and we can fetch contacts against them.
  •   Personnel Selections
  •   Specify any title list (e.g. CTO, VP Marketing, Security Architect and Business Analyst)
  •   Corporate data like headquarter address, phone number, and regional address.

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